The Shortest Distance Between You and Your Customer

With state-of-the-art facilities and being the largest client of the USPS in Tennessee, DNI is the fastest and most efficient Bill Print and E-Billing Provider for CSA clients.

DNI Corp, centrally located in Nashville, TN, provides multi-channel customer communication services through print & mail and electronic presentment & payment. DNI can reach your customers with 2-day mail delivery while also giving them the flexibility to choose how they receive bills and make payments.

nashville_map_400wDNI is Nashville’s largest USPS client offering additional solutions including direct mail fulfillment and presort services. DNI is a work share program partner of the USPS which allows DNI mail pieces to be inspected, approved, and accepted by the USPS onsite improving mail delivery to your customers and decreasing call center activity for your employees.

Choose DNI to simplify billing & collections for both your employees and your customers.


For more reliable and faster bill delivery and payments.

Brian Cooper
Bill Print Specialist
Direct Line: 615.948.0020



711 Spence Lane │ Nashville, TN 37217 | 615-313-7000