As technologies advance it is essential to provide communications through channels that will reach your audience. Your customers are looking for fast access to data. Why not provide avenues that accelerate document delivery while reducing postage costs at the same time?

DNI Corp offers a powerful, multi-channel delivery solution that enables your customers to choose their delivery method of choice.

Self Service Portal:

DNI Corp has the ability to connect to your current website through a Single Sign On environment. Your customers will have the ability to come to your website and choose to enroll in a platform that will provide access to their documents online with the ability to make payments. When a customer’s bill is ready for processing an HTML based email with a link to the site will be delivered to the customer. From there they will be able to log in and view current and historical documents, make payments, review previous payments, and be able to email support with any issues or questions. From the site your clients can choose to be communicated with through channels including email, SMS, and IVR.

Secure Email and Payment:

DNI Corp provides you with the ability to deliver or “push” electronic documents directly into your customer’s inbox. Your clients would not have to log in each time a document is ready to be viewed. The email arrives with an attached, encrypted document that would contain the replica of a printed document. The body of the email would contain specific instructions and links to make a payment as well as any pertinent marketing information for your customers

By delivering (‘push’) eBills directly in the customer’s inbox, rather than requiring them to fetch bills from a website, companies can take control of eBill adoption, rather than waiting for customers to sign-up online. Combined with proven email collection strategies and opt-in / opt-out methodologies, the strategic ‘push’ – inbox delivery of bills and statements – dramatically increases customer adoption of paperless documents and electronic payments.

Bill Pay:

DNI Corp not only offers a complete solution by delivering your communications through multiple delivery channels but also the ability for your clients to pay their bills from the method they choose.

Our processes are PCI Level 1 compliant giving you and your customers the comfort that credit card information is managed properly while meeting all industry and federal regulations.

We support e-billing and self-service across both B2C and B2B environments including discrete and financial transactional environments. Our systems offer features that will enable you the flexibility to give your customers options for full and partial payments, one time or recurring payments, or payments with convenience fees. These options are all maintained through one single solution.