Banks & Credit Unions

Customer / Member Communications Made Simple

With the challenges of economic conditions credit unions are focused more than ever with lowering costs. Whether you are a small, local credit union or have a national member base DNI provides a strategic partner for member communications.

Solution Categories:

  • Statements
  • Letters
  • Tax Documents
  • Direct Mail Fulfillment
  • Welcome Packets
  • Marketing Mailers
  • Email Campaigns

DNI specializes is designing and formatting member documents for print & mail and electronic document delivery with payments.

Why not take advantage of marketing to members through their statements? DNI can establish real estate on the statement for your marketing team to add selective messaging and inserting through our easy-to-use online platform.

The DNI Delivery Option Center (DOC) will allow you to schedule, track, and manage all communications through one centralized platform:

Member Profile

Stores customer contact information including which method of communication he/she prefers as well as preferred payment method.

User Management

Create new users for employees as well as members. Contact information, usernames, passwords, and permissions are assigned by administrators of the platform.

Web Proofing

Allows your team to review files and samples before releasing a file to process. Quickly search for records by name or account number. You can omit or delete certain records from the file and release the remaining records for processing.


Provides historical information on files processed including date received, number of documents, and the status of the files.

Record Search

Utilize advanced search methods to review member records / documents with options to combine documents into one PDF.


Easily manage member payment history with search tools including invoice number, status, amount, payment type, account number, and payment date.


Review any item from a series of reports including delivery activity, member enrollment and activity, payment history, employee activity, account summaries and disclosure unacceptance reports.

DNI understands the security you require.

Annual SOC 2 Audit
Files are processed and tested monthly with DR production facilities

DNI will work with you to solve the issues you are facing today by providing you a flexible solution for reducing your costs associated with member communications.

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