Mail Design Consultation


DNI provides a team of experts who can answer your questions regarding mail piece design. We can provide advice and evaluate mail pieces for automation compatibility and automation-based prices.

What is the purpose?  Who are you trying to reach?

We can discuss your brand, your design, your options for delivery, when should the piece go out, and how to respond to the responses.

What if I already have a design in place?

We’ve been able to save clients many headaches by making adjustments to the piece that will be less costly and more effective from a print and mail perspective.

Should I send out generic or personalized mailings?

We can provide multiple paths to take including QR codes and PURLs.  We can discuss the pros and cons for every option you have.

When should I contact you?

The earlier the better. Let’s work together from concept to completion.  Your creative team plus our experienced staff will give you a more effective campaign at the lowest possible costs.