Presort Services

Presort Services

DNI is one of the largest providers of outsourced presort-mail services. Through our state of the art automation equipment we provide expedited delivery and postage savings for First Class Mail and Standard Mail clients.

  • Save Money
  • Streamline Internal Mailroom Processes
  • Maximize Efficiencies
  • Meter or Permit Mail


What does Presort mean?

DNI is a work share program partner of the USPS. DNI takes steps to present mail to the USPS in a format that provides for discounted rates in postage. DNI accomplishes these tasks by commingling your mail with other mail pieces going into the mail stream for the day. We tray the mail and present the proper documentation to the USPS that allows for discounted pricing.


It is this easy!

  • DNI can help set up your meter to a preset rate or take your permit mail.
  • DNI can pick up or you can deliver your mail to our facility.
  • DNI will provide Delivery Point Validation.
  • DNI will induct your mail into the USPS mail stream.
  • Process your mail as usual and let us know when it is ready!