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Healthcare Billing Solutions & Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management is a difficult process in a time where patients’ healthcare expectations are changing. Healthcare providers are rethinking their approach by developing more efficient and consumer-focused practices for a faster-paced patient experience.

Bringing together specialists in IT, data management, and customer relations, DNI works with revenue cycle management teams to collaborate and discover innovative, stronger statement and communication solutions. Increasing cash flow is the result as statement presentment accelerates, giving patients more payment options and offering a broader set of patient record management tools. With HIPAA compliance and the experience of delivering stronger communication strategies, healthcare providers begin to see a more global approach to communications with patients.

Move Payments Faster

As a USPS certified full-service provider, mail is inspected, approved, and accepted by the USPS onsite at DNI — improving accuracy and delivery time for patient bills.

Offer Patients More Ways to Pay

Patients gain more flexibility on how they choose to receive documents and make payments through DNI’s multi-channel healthcare billing solutions.

Stop Babysitting and Relax

Your DNI account manager oversees the production, details, and deadlines every day with powerful software and a firm commitment to you.

Manage Patients Easily

Manage customer’s information, payment history and more from our secure, online, self-service platform.

Enhance the Patient's Experience

Simplify communications with patients while reducing customer service calls with smarter, easier to read statements thru DNI’s communications design team.

Behind-the-Scenes Compliance

Securing delivery of the most sensitive documents – SOC 2 Certification, HIPAA Compliant, PCI-DSS

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