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Document Archiving and Management

Managing policy holder documents and historical information has never been more challenging for insurance companies. Better payment cycles and communication with policy holders begins with a DNI specialist. DNI’s team of IT specialists, data experts and account managers go to work to construct a more effective solution that drives down internal costs and establishes a new platform for managing policy holder records.

Document management and delivery platforms transform communication with policy holders. The DNI platform gives employees and policy holders easy access to information and streamlines communication and payments. Eliminate the hassles of looking up records on multiple platforms or draining IT resources with document archiving. Improve payment cycles and communication with policy holders with a more global solution from DNI.

Rethink, Consolidate, and Save

Reduce employee expense through simplifying communications to policy holders with DNI’s single-source communications solution from direct mail to electronic delivery.

Streamline and Protect Information

Begin streamlining internal and external information with employees, agents, and policy holders while protecting critical data with DNI’s disaster recovery system.

Stop Babysitting and Relax

Your DNI account manager oversees the production, details, and deadlines every day with powerful software and a firm commitment to you.

Manage Policy Holders Easily

Quickly and easily manage policy holder’s information, payment history, and more from our secure, online, self-service platform.

Enhance the Policy Holder's Experience and Grow

Maximize promotion opportunities while reducing customer service calls with smarter, easier to read statements thru DNI’s communications design team.

Behind-the-Scenes Compliance

Securing delivery of the most sensitive documents – SOC 2 Certification, HIPAA Compliant, PCI-DSS

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