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Invoice Solutions to Increase Revenue and Lower Costs

Transportation departments are being required to do the same amount of work with fewer employees. Now transportation can maximize limited resources with DNI’s invoice delivery solutions. Reduce costs with billing clients while allowing staff members to be focused on other functions within the back office. DNI has a proven track record of managing highly complex data and image file sets, and DNI’s invoice solutions accurately collect and filter information from data files to the document.

A stronger communication and invoice delivery solution requires an experienced team of IT specialists, data experts, and account managers. DNI solves complex issues facing transportation communications by providing flexible solutions for reducing billing costs and delivers comprehensive solutions for more efficiency.

Accelerate Bill Payment

As a USPS certified full-service provider, mail is inspected, approved, and accepted by the USPS onsite at DNI — improving accuracy and delivery times for customer bills.

Diversify Bill Presentment and Payment

Electronic delivery of bills and notices through email, SMS, and IVR channels give customers options on how they receive documents and make payments.

Stop Babysitting and Relax

Your DNI account manager oversees the production, details, and deadlines every day with powerful software and a firm commitment to you.

Manage Customers Easily

Manage customer’s information, payment history, and more from our secure, online, self-service platform

Enhance the Customer's Experience and Grow

Maximize promotion opportunities while reducing customer service calls with smarter, easier to read statements thru DNI’s communications design team.

Behind-the-Scenes Compliance

Securing delivery of the most sensitive documents – SOC 2 Certification, HIPAA Compliant, PCI-DSS

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